Saturday, September 22, 2007

Marty and Matilda Mantis

We've been invaded. That's right. We have a preying mantis family in our yard. Now, they haven't invaded our yard. There are just a few of the spindly things. The invasion has been in our LIFE! You see, Christopher LOVES bugs. And Aunt Julia bought him the coolest, most "awesomest" bug kit ever. The "bug bucket" has clear sides and bottom, and a MAGNIFYING lid! Oh, has heaven arrived for a 10 year old boy!?! For the past several weeks now, we have gone outside in the morning, looking for Marty or Matilda (yes, our internet queries and Cosmeo videos have taught us much....we can now tell the males from the females by counting the segments on their abdomens). When we find them, usually right where we left them the night before (OK, so they're not SMART bugs), we put the "bug bucket" in front of them and they usually walk right in. We've gotten so "into" the whole "mantis experience" that we began catching other small insects for Marty or Matilda to eat. We can even watch through the walls of the bug bucket as our interesting-looking insect friend consumes all but the wings of his dear departed fellow insect. It has been fascinating.

Want to come visit? Christopher will happily show you his "little buddy"! Love, Claudia