Saturday, March 1, 2008

Praying for Official Word that We're DONE!

Well, today is March 1st, so we're praying for that special email that says that we've OFFICIALLY (as in "the checks have cleared the bank") done fundraising for 4 Paws! This has got to be the longest day of my life so far!

Christopher asked if his dog could pray with him and I immediately thought of this picture! We told him that, yes, his dog could probably pray with him!

I'll post again as soon as I get any information from Karen (Shirk) at 4 Paws. Hopefully, when we find out we're DONE we'll get dates for our training class as well. I've heard rumors that the next class that has openings (for dogs that will do tracking, like Christopher's) is DECEMBER 2008. I know there is another tracking class in September but rumor is that it is FULL :(

So pray extra hard today for us.... and I'll post again later. Love to all of you who have so graciously supported us along the way with donations and most of all PRAYERS! Hugs, Claudia