Thursday, October 30, 2008

Re-emerging from Boot Camp

Graduation Day, October 30, 2008

4 Paws For Ability, Inc., Xenia, OH

Today we officially passed our "Public Access Test" and were legally certified to go with Stitch into all public places under ADA laws!

Today, Christopher also had his first (and, unfortunately, MAJOR) meltdown during training. I am so delighted to report that Stitch was not a bit skittish and, in fact, sought Christopher to nuzzle, lick and comfort him. Stitch is an amazing dog. He is a black lab/mastiff mix who was rescued from the pound. He is SO smart and lovable! Both the Lead Trainer at 4 Paws AND the vet who has cared for Stitch said they would have adopted Stitch had our placement failed! I told them, AH, NO WAY! ;-)

Tomorrow we will head home to Indiana. We are exhausted. Christopher awoke with a fever and bleeding ear last Sunday morning and is on ear drops and antibiotics. I started out with what I thought was allergies and am now fighting a probable sinus infection and/or bronchitis. To say this has been an easy trip would be a blatant LIE. That said, it has been the culmination of a dream that has been fulfilled beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. Stitch is the PERFECT dog for us. I can't wait for you all to meet him!!!

Once home, we begin the months-long intensive training to cement and perfect the training we've gotten while here. We still need your love and prayers as we learn to function as a service-dog-family, but we're off to a great start!

Thank you for your love and support on this journey!

Love, Claudia