Saturday, September 15, 2007


I am a member of a Yahoo group for persons with ALS (pALS). Recently a pALS wrote in and was asking about "choosing when to die". You see, she is single and has virtually no family or friends supporting her and (in her words): "As time goes on, I am finding it so difficult to find any meaning in my life. I [never hear] from family and most friends. I hardly go out except to go to the store with the aide, or dr'sappointments.No one comes over anymore...."

One response she received struck me: "Most people really are good at heart--they're just so busy and distracted by "modern life" that we have to work hard to get their attention. If you die, and your family or friends read your posts here on this board later, I want very badly to believe that at least a few of them would say to themselves: If she'd only asked me, and made me see how important it was to her, I would have been there for her."

I'm not dying tomorrow, or next week and probably not even next year. I AM however facing changing needs and abilities that will continue for quite some time. This is a "marathon" not a "sprint". I'm finding that it is easy to find a friend to be with you for a "sprint" but when it comes to "marathons" most people don't have the tenacity.

I am stating, here and now that your friendship IS important to me. I NEED to hear from you. I need to see you. I don't want to die alone! Please, consider joining me for moments along this marathon. I have no choice. I have to run the race to the end. YOU can choose to support me and I need your support. I love you all. ~Claudia