Friday, July 9, 2010

Birthdays are things that most people take for granted. I just had one and it was a wonderful day and I didn't take it for granted!

I try to live with a sense of gratitude and I've tried to teach it to my kids. I think I've succeeded with Christopher. Today, Vicki got him one season of "Emergency" DVD's. He must have thanked her 15 times. Of course, he did expect her to say "you're welcome" each time (she did).

Vicki and I went to Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday. Amy and Christopher came and picked us up and the first thing Christopher said was "I missed you" and then "I love you all." Those are beautiful words, regardless, but again, I don't take them for granted. So many parents of kids with autism never hear "I love you" from the mouths of their kids. Each time I hear it, it's a gift!

Thanks for being my son, Christopher. You ROCK. BTW, his Presidents poster now has a picture of "President Christopher Burrows" on it after B.O. In the picture, Christopher is wearing those "Groucho Marxx" glasses... hysterical. He cracks me up!

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