Friday, May 31, 2013

Jesus is the Light of the World

Look at the picture above. How many things are in the picture? Your answer is probably like mine: 'one'...a candle. Now, look closer. There are actually three elements to the picture: the candle, the flame and the air that allows the flame to burn. I see the picture as an analogy for the Godhead. God the Father,  Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The analogy does break down (analogies do that) at a certain point, but there's a visual for you to contemplate. Jesus is the Light of the World!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Family Photos

Today, before church, we tried to get a family photo. For those of you who don't know, my boys are autistic and it is obvious from the attempt above that it is nearly impossible to get a photo with everyone looking at the camera (my daughter, behind me, was doing her best to ignore the circus around her!). What we need is a miracle worker...!

But I love this picture anyway. It shows us for what we are: imperfect, dynamic and full of life! I admit, I do long for the perfect family photo (all happily enjoying the surf, perhaps, or enjoying some other scenic place). I see them all over.  You may have one of your family.

We are who we are... and we are happy and we love one another. What more can we ask for? What the picture doesn't show is the incredible spiritual sensitivity of the guys, or the amazing sharp wit of my daughter. They don't show the fact that I would fight a charging elephant to defend my kids.

What do your pictures say about your family? What is the hidden story behind the pictures?