Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring...where are you!?

The birds are coming back. The past few days we've been blessed to see a female and two male cardinals just off our front porch. Christopher is so excited and so am I! I love watching the birds and they help me remember that God watches over me because "His Eye Is On The Sparrow"! Yes, the world outside still looks cold and grey (bah, humbug) but I keep reminding myself that spring IS coming!
Love, Claudia

Prayer Request

Due to some MAJOR bureaucratic mess-ups, our already tight "fixed-income" is really problematic right now. Please join me in praying that God meets the gaps.

I know He can..... he has before....

But I didn't want you all to think I was some perfecto person of faith...I get scared, anxious, worried, overwhelmed and (yes) FREAKED OUT sometimes too. Today is one of those days!!!

Thanks for praying with me. I know God can move mountains, but I'm not so sure about bureaucratic FUBARs! LOL!!!

Love, Claudia