Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'll Do It Tomorrow

I just read an interesting story and I hope you'll take a minute to read it and think about it. Click Here to be linked to the story. I'm finding out what our hurried lifestyle looks like....from the OTHER SIDE. Do you know that I have a wonderful, well-meaning friend who has CHRISTMAS GIFTS for us that they haven't found time to get to us yet?? Please don't misunderstand.... I'm not writing this to condemn or criticize or complain. It's just the fact. How many times have I been the person who carried something around until it was so "belated" that it was meaningless???? I never MEANT to procrastinate. It just happened. I had two (and sometimes three) jobs. I had special needs kids at home. I needed my "down time". The dryer broke down...YOU GET THE IDEA. I'm realizing, painfully as I watch the emails announcing "another angel has their wings" on the ALS list serve, that time zips by and before you know it "tomorrow" (and the next day and the next) are gone, sometimes with the people you care about gone too. Yes, this IS about ME but it is also about YOU and ALL those people you love who you are just "too busy" to see, to say "I love you" to, to give a "hug" to. You see, that somebody who needs the hug or the "I love you" will be YOU before you know it..... life is a terminal disease. Check your priorities carefully. Love, Claudia

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Anonymous said...

Just in case you ever wonder what on earth you might do with your life now, what with all the challenges and changes, NEVER forget that God has given you quite a talent with the written word. Your ability to communicate details clearly and concisely gets MY kudos! Even though I am Anonymous! I'm praying for a communication device that will allow you to use your gift for the rest of your days.