Sunday, April 1, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes

It was a wonderful day today... sunny, mid 70's, friend, Julia, came for a wonderful long was perfect. We even saw the most amazing, vibrant DOUBLE rainbow (you could see BOTH ends) after a brief shower moved through. So, this is what life can be like when you slow down enough! :) Nice....very nice.

A couple of cute things have come out of Christopher's mouth in the past 24 hours and I just have to share. This morning Amy woke up with a headache. Christopher wanted to pray for her and this is how it went: "Dear God, Come into Amy's heart. Bless her. Help her headache to feel better. A dream is a wish your heart makes. May all her dreams come true. Forever and ever. Amen." OK, so he's got God and Walt Disney a little mixed up!

Today was Palm Sunday, and Christopher wanted to know what that was about. After sharing the traditional Palm Sunday story of Jesus "riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, like a parade, with people waving palm branches" , Christopher asked: "Why didn't he just ride on a float?"

*SMILE* Love, Claudia

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Catherine said...

that is too cute, especially the part about God and Walt Disney...that just had me cracking up!!!