Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer time...and the livin' is easy

What a beautiful day....Memorial Day 2007. Today Julia, Christopher, Amy and I went to visit Kent and Lana and their extended family south of Indianapolis. We swam in the pool and sat in the sun. We ate yummy food and just generally enjoyed some relaxing time. Kent has ALS, also. He has two children 12 and 14. Keep him and his beautiful and loving wife, Lana, in your prayers. His progression is faster than mine and it is hard to see. It makes me angry! It isn't fair! I've already told God, too! Kent is an awesome man with so much to live for. This time last year he was healthy and symptom-free.

All that said, I am so grateful for the love of friends. I am so blessed to have some awesome friends....and Kent and I would never have met were it not for ALS and he's a great I suppose in that way I am thankful that ALS brought us together. It is so comforting to know that he and I will be friends eternally and one day we'll both jabber away effortlessly! I don't know what Heaven will be like but I know it won't have ALS in it!

Christopher had a ball today. He adores Kent (who has a "MAN'S truck"... poor kid is just a little testosterone deprived, living here in the estrogen ocean) and had a great time in the pool.

It was a good day. I'm grateful for every day...don't take them for granted. Hope you don't either. Love, Claudia

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