Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Reality Check

Yesterday, my dear friend and fellow PALS (Person with ALS), Kent (and his mom, Nancy) drove 160 miles round trip to visit us. It was absolutely wonderful to see them!!Kent and I had a little time alone at Starbucks to just sit and sip (with straws!) coffee and just share our hearts. We have perspective that few people can share. We both have ALS and we both are watching someone we love (each other) fight this beast.

Neither of us would have chosen this route (nor would any of you) but it has chosen us. God has allowed this to enter our lives. I can't say either of us know why He allowed it, but I can say that if it meant never meeting Kent, or missing the blessings that I've seen as a result of my ALS I don't think I'd change a thing. Life, turned on it's head, and accepted as such, can become a beautiful thing. The key word is acceptance.

Kent is a special man. I didn't know him before we were diagnosed with ALS. We met as a direct result. But the man I have come to know is one with an indomitable spirit and an infectious smile. His family and friends have welcomed me and cared for me with open arms.

Kent has a special relationship with Christopher, too. Kent is a "man's man" and he has a way of being concurrently tough but loving and tender. Kent's ALS is progressing faster than mine and his progression is allowing Christopher to see and talk about (as best he is able) what lies ahead for me. This is a huge blessing, although painful for all of us, just the same.

Kent, you're not only Christopher's're mine. Thank you for being my friend and for loving me. You've been "Jesus with skin on" in our lives.

Love, Claudia

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