Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Please activate prayer chains

In a nutshell... please pray that our situation with Medicaid is rectified! As it stands, I have a $927/month spend down (I have to pay that out of pocket on Medicaid eligible expenses before Medicaid will pay a DIME toward my medical bills). I have Medicare, but it is TERRIBLE insurance by itself.... so the amount I have to pay out of pocket would likely be the maximum which, incidentally, is almost 50% of our monthly income. Just as an example...IF Medicare covered 80% of my current medical expenses that could come to over $1400 per month...my IV Gammunex alone is close to $7000 a month and my AVAPS (non-invasive ventilator) is over $900 per month.

This could make us homeless or cause me to go without necessary medical care.

God is the only one who can change this. We have an appeal hearing on May 14th but were told outright that we will loose and owe Medicaid for everything they've paid for up to that $927 per month for each month since the change was made (5 months ago???).

Thanks for praying.



joefelein said...


We miss you terribly and know that we pray for you daily. I hope that the Lord takes care of everything quickly. We will try to do what we can help. First and formost....prayer.

Peggie, AJ, Maggie & Albert (SD)
4 Paws family

catherine said...

*sends a prayer your way*

love you mom! :)