Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Best Birthday Ever

Monday was my birthday, and it was the best ever!  Christopher and Amy and I were joined in our inflatable pool by Julia and later Angela and her family (not all in the pool!!).  I got the most ginormous smiley face balloon of all time and a cool cake made to look like a block of cheese with cartoon mice on it!  And it was my favorite (white cake with original white icing).  YUMMMM.

We enjoyed the outdoors and then had salsa and chips and cake.  Later we played Scrabble and drank strawberry daiquiris!  I am still exhausted, but it was amazing!  I felt so loved and I am so blessed to have such good friends.  Many of you who weren't here to celebrate sent cards and I love you so much! 

God is good!

Love,  Claudia

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