Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Surprise Blessing

What a surprise we had this afternoon. A man drove up with a flat-bed trailer and on it were a couch and love seat. He came to the door and said he had a delivery for us. We told him he must be mistaken (we didn't buy any furniture) and he said it was for us... "a gift from someone at church!"

I am speechless (of course I also got a notice from Indiana Medicaid that they overpaid almost $1500 and want their money back in the mail today... I was speechless about that too, but in a much less pleasant way)!

SO, here's a a picture of the couch and love seat we got. Thank you to whomever loves us and gifted us... ultimately, thank you Jesus! Amen!

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wldawgs89 said...

Beautiful sofa!!
What an incredible surprise! Isn't God good ?!
I've got a friend who has been blogging with a lady named Liddie in Muncie - turns out Liddie knows all about you and is a member of the church that's helping you!!! I found this out yesterday, and I've been thanking God for all of the friends he keeps sending into your life. God's love is everywhere and it is certainly wrapped around you!!!
Lots of love to you....