Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mass email from "Margie's Daughter"

I just received a mass email.  Nice way to find out your mother is in a nursing home, but hey, at least she's apparently happy:

To all of Margie's "Presto" friends and family, just to let you know the latest news...
We recently disconnected the Presto service at Margie's request, and we are now unable to provide the service since Marge has moved into a skilled nursing facility in the ****** area this past Monday, March 16th.  If you would like to correspond with Margie, I'm sure she would LOVE to hear from you - so please feel free to send her cards or letters via U.S. Mail care of my address which is as follows:
Margie ****
c/o [my sister]

I will be sure to deliver Margie's mail to her ASAP at her new home since we visit daily.

Margie is doing GREAT - and she's adjusting to her new home amazingly well!!!  She's loving the specialized attention - and she's enjoying such things as being personally served three hot meals a day!  I've had lunch and dinner with Margie several times now, and we both think their food has been really good!  I personally think their dinner rolls taste like King's Hawaiian bread!  And would you believe the nurses have even asked if she would like coffee or hot cocoa when she's finished her meal! 
Perhaps as a "sign" or a positive twist of fate, when we visited on Saturday, March 14th to have Margie pick out her room, she even enjoyed three of her favorites at lunch - a hamburger, MILK, and ice cream!!!!   (For those of you who may not know...Margie sometimes calls herself "Wimpy" as seen in the old Popeye cartoons...and she loves milk so much she's been know to drink 2 1/2 gallons in one week!!!!  According to Margie, "It's the best drink in the World!")  :-)

We're getting to know Margie's sweet, new roomie, Willie - and her wonderful family members as well.  They even came into the dining room to introduce themselves to us before we'd even finished our lunch the first day Margie visited!  They heard Margie might be Willie's new roomie - and they wanted to come say "hi"!  A warm welcome, indeed!
Margie has started daily physical therapy and enjoys getting "out" and even referred to coming back to her room as coming back "home".  She's adjusting well - and was even laughing as we reminisced and talked about old times at dinner in the dining room the other evening.

Each day Margie has been happy - and as each day passes, her room is taking on her personality as we decorate it with her personal decor items, photos and belongings.

As Margie's hearing has deteriorated over the last couple of years, telephone usage has become quite difficult.  So please write to Margie - and I'm sure she'll be thrilled to hear from you.

All the best,

***** ******
Margie's Daughter


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