Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Red-Letter Day

It has been a wonderful day!  All three of my kids are here and we’re celebrating Phillip’s birthday this evening.  He’ll be 23 on June 16th, but he’ll be in Michigan with is dad then, so we’re doing his birthday dinner (his favorite: chicken, potatoes and “greeny beenies”) early (Amy has this one perfected!).  He has a “Handy Manny” cake and sparkling grape juice, to toast the event. 

We ALL went to church this morning together (So, Christopher didn’t make it through the sermon.  So what?) and then we went to IHOP for lunch.  That was a milestone… we went to a sit-down restaurant (including waiting 20 minutes for a table…who knew there were big sports tourneys in town this weekend?) and NO ONE HAD A MELTDOWN!  This is a FIRST.  Something most families would take for granted…going out to eat with all their kids…was a momentous occasion for us!  I am so happy!

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