Thursday, April 12, 2007


I am so incredibly blessed emotionally right now...the warmth and caring of friends feels like a big'ole warm fleece blanket wrapped around me........

But, lest you think life is perfect (or think I'm smokin' something), just know that I face my frustrations, too. I received a "Shower chair/transfer bench" today.... ordered off Amazon (100 times faster than dealing with insurance and I got a STEAL!).... assembled by Amy and myself (with the slightly-over-eager help of an autistic 9 year old which probably tripled the time it took to complete the assembly). Got it upstairs and it doesn't work the way I need it to in either bathroom! GRRRRRR. So, I'll just use it as a shower chair for now and tomorrow we make a trek to HomeDepot to buy a grab-bar (the whole purpose of the transfer chair is to be able to sit down and then swing your legs into the tub....Ah, not so much...).

As I sat, fully clothed on the transfer-bench-turned-shower-chair in the empty tub, I told Amy, "OK. I'm tired of playing the special-needs game now." She just laughed. All this has just driven home the need that is looming for a wheelchair van and "handicap accessible" home....

Otherwise, life's good...although I am sorely disappointed in the so-called "spring" that we are having here in central Indiana. We had a one-day "heat wave" yesterday (it got up to 61 degrees) but a line of T-storms moved through in advance of a cold front and today it has not gotten above 35 degrees since sun-up. heart is warm.... Love, Claudia

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