Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Slippery Noodle, Sick Kids, Storm Spottin' and a Jazzy

Slippery Noodle - Last Wednesday (April 18th) some wonderful friends of mine organized a fundraiser to help offset non-covered medical expenses at The Slippery Noodle in downtown Indianapolis. It was awesome to see some "old friends" from the past and to make some "new friends" from places as far away as Ontario Canada, Missouri and NYC! Of course it was FDIC week, with 75,000 firefighters attending the convention. Many stopped by "the Noodle" to raise a glass as well. The Band of Brothers Pipes and Drums (a bagpipe corps comprised entirely of firefighters from all over the country) stopped by to play a couple of tunes in my honor....that was AWESOME! I hope you'll take the time to link to the photos and video on the "Slippery Noodle" page of my website!

Sick Kids - Naturally, since there was a big event coming up (my fundraiser), Christopher had to get sick. Just a cold but of course, it has hung on, and now his asthma is flared-up. We started oral steroids tonight... thankfully the first he's had to take since last September! Of course, the poor kid has been sequestered all winter.... now we take him out to Target one time (he rode in their "kid-friendly cart") and he had to acquire the latest germs!

Storm Spottin' - Last night I attended a "National Weather Service Storm Spotter" course at St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital. So now I have a new hobby.... being a "certified storm spotter". Look out... when those storms come rumbling through I'll be the one outside with my camera!!!! :) Of course, I've always been that person, but now I'm just certified (or certifiable, but most of you already knew that!!).

A Jazzy - Thanks to the kindness and generosity of some firefighters in Goshen, Indiana and a mom and dad who lost their young-adult son to pulmonary fibrosis in 2003, I inherited a Jazzy powerchair this weekend! It is awesome! With some of the money raised at the Noodle, we were able to purchase a collapsible/portable ramp for the van, so once it arrives I'll be able to run errands knowing that I've got my "ride" all arranged! :)

Love, Claudia

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