Friday, May 4, 2007


Christopher has been sick with sequential ailments for a couple of months now. He's cranky and whiny and feels miserable (and makes life more of a challenge for Amy and me with his 'neediness'). He hasn't been sleeping well at all. I told him before I left for the support group meeting last night that I'd bring him a cheeseburger after the meeting but he was asleep when I got home. This morning he dictated this for Amy to type (FYI: Kathy is his imaginary friend...she is a real flight nurse in Tampa that he saw on Discovery Channel..he's never met her but she is in his life daily!):

Dear Mickey, Mommy, Sharyll, Julia,
I woke up at 3:30. I am sick. My whole body hurts. I am wiping snot all over Amys arm, bed, shirt and my clothes.
I dream about mommys muscles being tired. I wake up feeling very sad and scared. I don't like that mommy has trouble walking or talking. It makes me very, very, very, very angry. Maybe Kathy can help mommy. Maybe Julia and Sharyll can help mommy.
I want to see my friends more times. I miss Sharyll and Julia. They make me feel safe. They talk about Jesus and we pray.
I miss Phillip and Catherine.
I can't wait to see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, everyone at Disney.
I am sleepy so Amy says it's time to lay down for a bit and then at 630 I can eat my burger.
I love you

Poor kid. Keep him in your prayers, too. Love, Claudia

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