Sunday, July 22, 2007


Lots happening:
  • We've got a contract on a house and if all goes well, we're moving a week from YESTERDAY.....
  • We're frantically packing
  • Christopher is sick so "frantically packing" means about one box every four hours in between whining, meds and hugs
  • I'm trying to pace myself, but I laugh as I write those words
  • I'm excited about the prospect of a home I can decorate how I want and that will be a reflection of "me" and my family
  • The house we are moving to has a hot tub, and we just stocked up on Coors Light, so if you're interested in partaking in either, there's just ONE gotta help us with some "stuff"! :)
  • Please pray for someone to rent our current house and move in (i.e. start paying rent) IMMEDIATELY when we move out... long story, but we will likely have to pay all of August rent PLUS pay for the new place (ouch)
  • Call, write, email, IM, stop by..... I MISS MY BUDDIES!

Love, Claudia


VLMaples said...

You will certainly be in my prayers through all this change. Keep us posted, Claudia.

Hugs from Mississippi!

daisy cottage said...

Oh, I am SO excited for you and your new home, Claudia! Prayers going up for you and your family during this transition..