Monday, July 2, 2007


Once again I am jotting this entry down in between other things I have to do! Lots of news:

  • Had a WONDERFUL visit with my Mother and Sister...they are safely back in California and I miss them already!

  • Catherine and Phillip were both here this was AWESOME!

  • We have put earnest money down on a house in Muncie! It is a single-story, cottage-style, 3 BR, 2 BA and I am SOO excited (there is a picture on my website "announcements" page)

  • I got my power wheelchair Saturday: Permobil c500 Corpus. We have a couple of details to "tweak" and I'm I just need a wheelchair van so I can go out in it! :)

  • A friend and fellow PALS (person with ALS) has invited (and is paying for!) me to join he and his wife on an 8 day cruise in August and I'M GOING! :) Catherine will go with me as my travel companion and we'll have some much-needed mother/daughter time! :)

Life is good. Love, Claudia

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