Sunday, August 24, 2008

What I Did This Summer.....Part 1

We had a Luau!

Catherine and Vicki in their Luau "finest"!

Christopher thought we needed to have a "Hawaii Party", since Sharyll and her family spent 3 weeks in Hawaii this summer. So we had a Luau! Catherine and Phillip were both at my house, and my dear friend, Vicki from Texas, flew in that afternoon for an 8 day visit.
Angela (Horak) and her mother-in-law, Marilyn, did all of the planning, shopping, decorating and cooking (OK, I helped choose the menu and paid for the food). What a spread! We had roast pork and barbeque chicken, coconut sweet potatoes, haupia (Hawaiian coconut pudding), shrimp cocktail, fruit kebabs with pineapple dip, 7-layer salad, coconut cake and pineapple upside down cake.

In attendance were: Angela and Aaron Horak (girls: Emily,11 and Elianna, 23 months), Marilyn Horak , Tim Coffey and Angela's mom, Jenny; Sharyll, Fred and Bekah Martin; Julia Smith; Catherine and Phillip Ippolito; Amy, Christopher, Vicki McMeans and ME!

The Happy (and FULL) party-goers!

The Girls' Club: (L-R) Julia, Vicki, Sharyll, Me, Amy, Catherine and Angela (behind in the window Bekah Martin, Emily Horak and Christopher -- who wanted to be in the picture -- hence the window as a background!)


wldawgs89 said...

Wow ! What fun it looks like you all had ! Where's the hula skirts ????


Claudia Burrows said...

Us girls did good to find lei's in our size! LOL! Plus we wanted people to be able to EAT! :) Love ya, Lisa!