Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where in the world do I start?


I have been gone from this blog a long time! My excuse, feeble though it is, takes the form of something like "It's summer...not just any summer, but one of the mildest in memory... and I don't know what I'll be able to do outside next summer...and my computer doesn't like the sun and I do...and my computer likes the inflatable pool even less..." You get the idea. This summer has been phenomenal here in Indiana. We have only had about 2 weeks when it was "too hot to go outside" (like 9 months of the year is in Texas!). It has been delightful. I have what passes for a tan (for ME) and feel better emotionally, if not physically, for the time I've spent outside. Christopher, Amy and I have tried to go in the 10' x 30" pool daily as weather allowed and I'm committed to milking every last nice day of the season! Fall is beautiful, but it is still followed by WINTER (that bleak, gray, muddy season) when houses shrink and spirits VIVA SUMMER!

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