Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's Happening in My World Today

February 11, 2007 - News from my world...I've spent the weekend putting a dent (barely) in my emails that need to be replied to, so IF YOU HAVEN'T gotten a reply to an email that you sent last month (!) please be patient...I'll get to a personal reply soon.
My mother was admitted to the hospital last night in San Diego (Poway) California (where she is living with my sister). Evidently, after returning home from dinner with friends my mother complained of chest and back pain. My sister did ABSOLUTELY the right thing by calling 9-1-1 and having mom taken to the ER. So far, her heart is checking out fine, although this admission has moved up her previously scheduled echocardiogram (in addition to Atrial Fibrillation, 2 bypass surgeries - the first in 1982 and the second a year ago this month - and an implanted pacemaker, mom also has a problem with her aortic valve..). I'm sure that all the stress she is under is not helping anything. I wish I could be there to help, and to give her a big hug.
Phillip had a Special Olympics Basketball Tournament yesterday and his team won!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited for him! He is loving being a part of the team and the coaches and "peer buddies" that play with the kids are awesome!
Christopher has been super clingy this weekend. I can't figure out if he is getting sick or if he's just tired. It is also hard to know what he understands about my ALS. He said he had a dream last night that I was sick and that he didn't want to go to sleep tonight...then he promptly had an asthma attack....he is finally asleep now!
I'm doing well. I have my "wheelchair fitting" appointment tomorrow afternoon. I was supposed to go to the ALS Clinic on Tuesday but the weather service is predicting significant snowfall overnight tomorrow night (up to 12") with blowing and drifting, so I opted to cancel and reschedule rather than be in the morning rush-hour traffic with that weather!
I hope that you'll email me and say "hi" when you get the chance. Love, Claudia

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