Thursday, March 15, 2007

January 7, 2007

I just read that Stephen Hawking, a famous scientist who also happens to have ALS (and has had ALS for more than 30 years) is planning to go into SPACE! This is amazing to me and inspiring....the physical demands of flight are incredible, let alone the demands of space flight - on a healthy person without disabilities - the logistical challenges alone are mind-numbing! WOW.
I can't imagine preparing for a space flight....just flying to and from Texas kicked my butt....I caught the "bug" from Christopher as soon as I got home on Sunday (I was sick by Tuesday) and then on Thursday Catherine and Phillip came for a slightly extended visit. Still, I had a wonderful 4 days with all three kids here.
Phillip is so handsome, smart and funny! For Christmas he gave me a photo album of pictures of him at school. I LOVE it! Next visit he needs to sit down and tell me who the people are in the pictures with him (besides his teachers!). I tried to scan a couple of the pictures of him so that I could put them in the web page Photo Album , but my scanner is misbehaving...or rather my COMPUTER is misbehaving...LONG story but suffice it to say I NEED THE GEEK SQUAD! :)
Catherine spent much of her time here playing with Christopher. She is awesome with him. He loves imaginative play (very unusual for a child with autism) and Catherine, with her "creative writer's" mind-set is a fantastic playmate for him. He loves his "Sissy" and she loves her "baby" brother!
I enjoyed time with each of the kids, even though this stinkin' virus was ravaging Amy, Christopher and me. This bug has been a nasty one and I feel very blessed to have fought it off and to have had Christopher fight it off with no pneumonias! Of course, the nebulizer was running a LOT during the past week! I'm just glad to have that here at home to use! And I am so grateful that Amy is here to be "mom" for the kids when I need to go rest. She is amazing!!!!
Sharyll came down to visit while we were sick, as well....nut that she is! We warned her that we sounded like a TB ward, but she came anyway and stayed the night Thursday night and most of the day on Friday. It was great to have some time to just "hang out". She has been so busy! I cherish every sacrificial moment she gives! So great to have friends! Love, Claudia

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