Thursday, March 15, 2007

The "Champions"

"The Champions"

February 12, 2007 - Well, all the build-up and wheelchair fitting appointment today was cancelled because the OT that was doing the assessment broke her leg (what a LAME excuse!)...and tomorrow's ALS clinic was cancelled because of the freakin' blizzard we are supposed to get. SO. Back to square one. I'm glad there is no urgency in getting things, because the "system" knows no sense of urgency!
My speech has been really bad today. On really bad days, along with the slurring, I feel like the back of my throat has just "collapsed"...and I talk really nasal and can't articulate and it is very annoying (I think I sound like people used to with cleft lip...back in the old days before they did good repair...YES, I'm old, I admit it!)
Speaking of old...I had a fun experience in WalMart the other day. I was walking along in the health and beauty (LOL) section and a lady was handing out samples...she stops me and asks if I'd like a sample of the new Dove product...I say "sure" and she proceeds to explain that this new product is Dove Pro-Age and it is the new line for WOMEN OVER 40! Now, I AM over 40, but not THAT much (OK..I'm 45) and I didn't think I look THAT OLD!!! WAHHHHHHH! You know my favorite saying is "It's not the years, it's the miles"!
My mom is still in the hospital, and I have no real idea what is going on since I can't talk on the phone and I'm getting all the medical info 4th hand (doctor---->my sister-->Amy--->me). It is so frustrating not to be there. Last night there was talk of a "TIS" according to Amy...and I'm thinking, "do they mean TIA or is this something else???". Amy and my sister are both really trying to keep me informed...but medical jargon is not their 'native tongue' like it is mine and I, of all people, understand how hard the jargon can be to understand!
Christopher has had a whiny, grumpy day. I can't tell what is wrong with him....he has big black circles under his eyes, but no other real symptoms. If he could only tell me!
I'm SO proud of Phillip and his basketball team!
Well, I'm off to indulge my once-a-week, can't-live-without-it moment of TV and watch "24"! Love, Claudia

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