Thursday, March 15, 2007

Me, Equipment and life

January 29, 2007 - So sorry for the long lapse in posts. I don't know how I manage to be so busy and accomplish so little! A few updates:
My mom flew to California and is staying with my sister. My sister is very fortunate to have a large, beautiful home and a room that has been converted to "Mom's place" (complete with a small fridge, microwave and coffeemaker). They have been looking at senior-citizen housing but the costs are, well, California prices and the waiting lists for vacancies are long (12+ months for most). It is so nice having Mom with my sister. I was always worring about Mom being down in Texas by herself and at least now she is near family. I wish I could be the one doing all the things for her....
I had a follow-up at Crossroads today to evaluate an augmentative communication device called the "Quick Glance" program. It is a device and software very similar to the ERICA used on the ER episode which featured an ALS patient (if you happened to see that). Basically, the program uses a device that is calibrated to track your pupils and you use your gaze as a "mouse" to move the cursor around the computer screen. Now we begin the tedious and time-consuming process of getting predetermination of benefits from my insurance (BC/BS of LA), and a "prior authorization" from Medicaid (assuming I still have it by the time the paperwork is finished!). The total cost of the Quick Glance system is more than $11,000...and that does not include the mounting devices for adding the system to a wheelchair, nor does it include any peripeherals. For those of you who are the "praying kind"....pray that insurance (BC/BS, Medicaid or Medicare...after Medicare kicks in on April 1) approves the device and pays the bulk...
I've had a few VERY "down" days recently. I'm not sure if it is just part of the "process" that I will work through, or just the (for me anyway) inevitable blues that hit in January/February and March when it is still cold and grey and there are no festivities to look forward to....I miss work tremendously, and grapple every day with the fact that I'm not involved in EMS any more. But I tell myself that life goes on, and we don't get to choose many of the twists and turns...all we get to choose is how we deal with them.
Yesterday I stopped at Starbucks with Catherine while Phillip was at Special Olympics Basketball Practice (too cool, by the way!!! I am SO proud of him!) and my cup had this quote on it:
“I was ahead in the slalom. But in the second run, everyone fell on a dangerous spot. I was beaten by a woman who got up faster than I did. I learned that people fall down, winners get up, and gold medal winners just get up faster.” ~Bonnie St. John (the second-fastest amputee skier in the world in 1984, and the first black Olympic ski medalist)
Hope that inspires YOU a little bit too...... Love, Claudia

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