Thursday, March 15, 2007

May 15, 2006

It has been a super busy spring! I am moving in just over a week to a more desirable part of the Indianapolis suburbs, Fishers (Hamilton County). The house is bigger and will be much more comfortable for all of us. So far I am only having speech, swallowing and shortness of breath for symptoms of my ALS. That is good news since the new house is a two story with the master bedroom upstairs! I'm still flying full-time on the helicopter as a flight paramedic and working in the ER as an RN. There are times when I am concerned that my speech is so bad that it will have a negative effect on my employment, but so far, no one has raised any questions about it. My bosses at Dove Flight know about my diagnosis. I haven't told the folks at the hospital yet. How do you do that?? I still worry about what will happen when I can't work anymore. I'm just trying to trust God with the future; ultimately, we have no control anyway. I just get the full reality a little more than most folks!

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