Thursday, March 15, 2007

October 26, 2006

I have had my BiPAP for a little over a week now. It is taking some getting used to. I keep waking up at night because I have the hose wrapped around my neck! OOPS! The mask I have is a "Mirage Swift" nasal pillow and it is small and doesn't look like a BVM but it is making my nose SO sore! I hear that gets better after a while. I defnintely can't use the BiPAP without humidification, and that presents its own set of challenges. I like my room cold when I sleep, but that causes the moisture in the tubing to condense inside the tubing and I wake up with water running into my nose! Not fun! So I've "insulated" the tubing to prevent the cold air from hitting the tubing and causing the moisture to condense -- Voila! Problem solved!
Just the first of many adjustments I have ahead.
I have noticed that I am getting cramps in my jaw now. Crying is definitely OUT...cramps BIG TIME when I cry! OUCH. Something tells me I'll have to live with the cramps once in a while, because I don't think I'm done crying yet!
All things said, I am doing pretty well. I'm working on applying for Social Security Disabilty (a simple 786-step process!). The application sates that "It takes about 120 days to process applicaions for disability benefits" (and you can't file until you are no longer working) and "We may take more or less time on your claim". I can only hope that they take LESS time, since I am now without a job!
Stay tuned for updates........

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